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Zetman (anime)

Episode 1


Episode 5

Hanako Tanaka goes into Jin Kanzaki's bathroom after moving a screen in front of the doorway and starts Stripping to get ready to take a Shower. Once she is undressed all the way, Jin comes in and stands on the edge of his Clawfoot Bathtub to rip the surveillance camera down so that the members of the N.E.T. Project wouldn't Peep at her. While being startled by his intrusion, Hanako quickly covers up in a green Towel and after Jin leaves the bathroom, Hanako sticks her head out the door and yells at him.

Episode 6

Hanako Tanaka partially Strips and attempts to take a Bath in the Clawfoot Bathtub in Jin Kanzaki's house. As she has the bathwater running she then leaves the bathroom fatigued while still wearing a shirt and panties.

Episode 11

In a Flashback, Ichirou Nakata is shown being thrown into a machine filled with liquid as part of an experiment to transform him and keep him alive.

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