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Diana Prince (the American alias of Princess Diana, also known as Wonder Woman) is a character from the DC Comics universe.

Wonder Woman (1st series)

Issue 189

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 1 189 from July 1970

Issue 274

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 1 274 from December 1980

Diana speaks to Debbi Domaine while having a shower and then uses a Hair Dryer afterward.

Issue 284

w:c:Wonder Woman Vol 1 284 from October 1981

Wonder Woman (2nd series)

Issue 160

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 2 160 from September 2000

The cover depicts her taking a Mud Bath when covered by Clay Face.

Issue 168

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 2 168 from May 2001

She shares a bath in a Hot Spring with Donna Troy

Issue 220

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 2 220 from October 2005

The penciling was by David Lopez.

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity

Issue 3

w:c:DC:Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity Vol 1 3 from October 2003

Wonder Woman (3rd series)

This has 44 issues.

Issue 34

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 3 34 from September 2009

Wonder Woman (4th series)

Issue 36

w:c:DC:Wonder Woman Vol 4 36 from November 2014

Wonder Woman (2016 series)

Chapter 2

There is a Skinny Dipping scene with Diana Prince

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