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Image Comics is a universe primarily focused around comic books, much like Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

It has consolidated titles from other companies, such as Devil's Due Publishing, Homage Studios, Top Cow.

It crosses over into anime content because one of its titles, Witchblade, was made into an anime series, and because another of their series, Grimm Fairy Tales, has made comic book adaptations of several classic fairy tale characters who have been in their own anime series, such as Alice and Mowgli.

It is established that the vast majority (if not all) of the Image stories and characters exist in the same reality with the massive "Image United" crossover.

Image Comics has produced other series which contain shower scenes, such as:

Witchblade (comics)

Issue 24

An unknown man is talking to Celeste:

Issue 121

Detective Gleason takes a shower.


Witchblade (live TV series)

TV film pilot (episode 0)



Witchblade (anime TV series)

Episode 5

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