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Washtub is a short rounded Bathtub usually not meant for bathing but may end up being so on occasions where a normal bathtub isn't available. In many historical settings characters will tend to have Baths in these since most average people who did bathe ended up only bathing in one of these. Washtubs may seems like suitable bathtubs for smaller or younger characters but for more grown-up characters they seem a bit small usually not having enough space for their entire body to be submerged and sometimes have to have legs sticking out. These tubs are typically made of wood but can also be tin.


Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
September 2nd, 1978 "Yatterman episode 87"
Doronjo is seen bathing in a Washtub while she has the Shower running on her at the same time and fanning herself off.
May 3rd, 1989 "Dragon Ball Z episode 2"
Baby Son Goku is seen in a Flashback Bathing Scene being bathed in a small washtub by his adopted grandfather Gohan. Though because this was before he lost his memories and still had his crazy Saiyan instincts, Son Goku was reckless and is shown breaking the washtub which he was being bathed in during this Bath.
November 8th, 1997 "One Piece chapter 13"
In a Flashback Bathing Scene, Hocker is seen having a Bath in a washtub with Chouchou. Both have Wash Cloths on their heads and Hocker seems happy that he sold over 100 crates that day at the pet food store.
May 2nd, 2002 "Gun Frontier episode 6"
Gun Frontier 6 2.png
Shinunora is seen having a Bath in a washtub outside at night where she is Bath Kicking and washing her leg and arm with a Sponge just before she gets kidnapped.
December 8th, 2002 "One Piece episode 136"
One Piece 136.png
Zenny is briefly seen getting a Bath in a washtub by Tony Tony Chopper. Due to Zenny being on this island for years it can be assumed that his way of bathing was in this washtub.

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