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Nickname: Watermaiden15
Wiki-Job: Bureaucrat, Admin & founder
Contact: email:ClawfootQueen@gmail.com
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I am the creator of this wiki. If there are any questions or ideas please e-mail me at ClawfootQueen@gmail.com.

Origin of the Anime Bath Scene Wiki

Being introduced to anime in the 90s, watching a diverse range from the classic Shonen's to the rising Harem genre and obscure Ecchi's of the time, I noticed that almost every anime I saw had at least 1 scene of a character bathing. I eventually took interest in finding the unique variations bathing scenes come in throughout anime as they were way more interesting and occur more often than in western cartoons and live-action features.

I initially started this documenting through a freewebs site known as Anime Bath Scenes where I would post the pictures I found on the web of bath scenes with anime girls. I eventually forgot the password and due to not updating the site, It got lost but I reopened the site again but had to use a different url which ended up being "animebaths". Freewebs was very limited for free users and due to photobucket deleting any picture that contained nudity I had to move to a newer type of site.

I moved to Blogger in 2007 where I made a blog where I made complete gallery's that I screen capped myself of bath scenes from anime. I posted a gallery from a scene each day and eventually gained a moderately sized following with viewers even requesting scenes for me to cap. I initially only capped pictures of on screen baths of female characters but the blog reached out and went to showers and even bathing attempts and off screen scenes where the characters are in towels or stripping to bathe.

When I discovered Wikia I decided to spread out and try to make all the series wiki's try to mention the existence of the bathing scenes in their articles but some were not as welcoming as others were. I found that I can start a wiki and then started to build a wiki site dedicated strictly to the bathing scenes related to anime and manga in 2009 where I can dump my huge collection of bathing scene caps from my blog and try to give detailed information on them. In 2011, my blogger account was unfortunately taken down and my google account was deleted for unknown reasons losing anything I didn't yet move to the Anime Bath Scene Wiki.

Now to this day the Anime Bath Scene Wiki is the biggest database of anime and manga bathing scenes to ever be on the internet. The range has widen out to go beyond into the realms multiple bathing methods, all types of characters from both genders to different races and all media that is connected to anime and manga series. Though due to some image policies on Wikia not allowing images of explicit nudity, a newer and uncensored wiki exists with the Wikia version to remain as a censored backup.



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My Favorite Images

009-1 2 02.png 009-1 2 04.png 22-7 1.jpg 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku 4 3.png 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku 5 5.png 3x3 Eyes ch 2 1.jpg 3x3 Eyes ch 44 3.jpg 3x3 Eyes ch 147 1.jpg New 3x3 Eyes vol 1 Extra 3.jpg 666 Satan ch 43 2.jpg 666 Satan ch 43 4.jpg 7th Garden ch 11 1.jpg 7th Garden ch 21 2.jpg 7th Garden ch 21 4.jpg Railgun 22 4.png Railgun 22 7.png Railgun 22 15.png To Aru Majutsu no Index Movie - Large 080.jpg A Channel 2 16.png Accel World 8 65.png Amagi Brilliant Park OP.jpg Amagi Brilliant Park 4 3.png Amagi Brilliant Park 6 1.png Amagi Brilliant Park 6 3.png Arakawa 2 6.png Asobi3 17.png Asobi3 22.png Batgirl 2016 ch 43.jpg Ben-To 4 4.png Ben-To 4 5.png Ben-To 4 8.png Ben-To 4 10.png Bubblegum Crash 2 1.png Gyrozetter 14 2.jpg Cutie Honey vol 2 4.jpg Cutie Honey OP 1.png Cutie Honey OP 3.png New Cutie Honey OP 3.png New Cutie Honey OP 5.png Cutey honey movie 1.png Cutey honey movie 2.png Cutey honey movie 3.png Honey vs ch 1 1.jpg Darwin's Game8 1.jpg Devilman Crybaby 3 3.png Devilman Crybaby 3 6.png Devilman Crybaby 3 12.png Devilman Crybaby 3 14.png Devilman Crybaby 3 15.png Dirty Pair 13 1.png Dirty Pair Project Eden 19.png Dirty Pair Project Eden 30.png Dirty Pair Project Eden 35.png Dirty Pair Project Eden 44.png Dirty Pair Project Eden 47.png Dirty Pair Flash 2 2 2.png Dirty Pair Flash 2 3 9.png Dirty Pair Flash 3 4 2.png Dirty Pair Flash 3 4 5.png Dirty Pair Flash 3 4 12.png Dirty Pair 1987 Poster.jpg Dragon Ball ch 2 9.jpg Dragon Ball ch 2 12.jpg Dragon Ball 2 16.png Dragon Ball 2 17.png Dragon Ball 2 20.png Dragon Ball 6 2.png Dragon Ball 6 5.png Dragon Ball Z 49 1.png Dragon Ball Z 49 5.png Dragon Ball Z 49 6.png Korean Dragon Ball 4.png Dragon Ball Daizenshuu vol 1 1.jpg Elf Princess Rane 2 08.jpg Elf Princess Rane 2 18.jpg Elf Princess Rane 2 32.jpg Elf Princess Rane 2 34.jpg Elf Princess Rane 2 37.jpg Elf Princess Rane 2 55.jpg Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest ch 50 2.jpg Genji Tsuushin Agedama ED 1 6.png Genji Tsuushin Agedama 26 25.png Genji Tsuushin Agedama 29 3.png Grenadier intro 5.png 300px Grenadier 2 2.png Grenadier2bathfight3.png Grenadier 4 7.png Grenadier 5 1.png Grenadier 5 2.png Grenadier 9 2.png Grenadier 9 3.png Grenadier 9 4.png Grenadier 11 2.png Grenadier 11 4.png High School Fleet Movie 11.png Hurricane Polymar 14 2.png Idol Project 3 02.jpg Idol Project 3 03.jpg Idol Project 3 11.jpg Idol Project 3 14.jpg Idol Project 3 17.jpg Idol Project 3 23.jpg Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 4.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 9.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 12.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 17.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 18.png Kill la Kill 21 1.png Kotoura-san 2 1.png Kotoura-san 2 5.png Mai Otome Sif 1 6.png Mai Otome Sif 1 25.png Mai Otome Sif 1 28.png Mai Otome Sif 1 34.png Majou no Morito ch 4.jpg Mayoi Neko Overrun Nyantype Magazine.jpg Mobile Suit Gundam 37 2.png Gundam ZZ 25 3.png Gundam F91 1.png Gundam F91 7.png Gundam 0083 5 5.png Victory Gundam 29 4.png Victory Gundam 29 27.png Victory Gundam 29 32.png Gundam 08th MS Team 2 18.png Gundam Seed 19 3.png Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 7.png Outlanders 7.png Outlanders 9.png Perfect Blue 2.png Real Bout High School ch 3 5.jpg Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! 2 1.jpg Shuffle Megami.jpg Orphen 12 10.png Steam Detectives 13 4.jpg Strike the Blood Kieta Seisou-hen1.jpg Valkyrie Drive Mermaid 03 02.jpg Valkyrie Drive Mermaid 03 04.jpg Valkyrie Drive Mermaid 03 11.jpg Valkyrie Drive Mermaid 04 2.jpg Valkyrie Drive Mermaid 04 6.jpg Walkure Romanze 9 3.png Walkure Romanze 9 7.png Walkure Romanze 9 12.png Watashi ga Koibito ni Nareru Wake Naijan, Murimuri! Volume 1.jpg The World God Only Knows 2 22.png Uncanny X-Men ch 244 1.jpg Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei Shiteita You Desu ch 7.5.jpg Yuki-Onna to Kani o Kuu ch 40.jpg Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san ch 196.jpg Zero no Tsukaima 1 1.png Zero no Tsukaima 1 4.png