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A character from Golgo 13 both wears a towel in the showers while offering a spare towel held in his hand to Duke Togo, who just finished his shower.

A towel is long cloth used to dry off after a bath or Shower. It is also used for a character to cover up their naked body from anyone who tries to look at them. Sometimes characters wear a towel while bathing in Hot Springs.

Held in bath

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
July 27th, 2002 "Mushrambo ep. 7"
Yakumo Tatsuro is given a towel to cover up while she was being Peeped by monsters while Skinny Dipping in the 7th episode of Mushrambo.

Wrapped around head

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
August 23rd, 1986 "ZZ Gundam ep. 25"
Gundam ZZ 25 1.png
Ple Elpeo wears a Towel on her head while taking a Bubble Bath in a blow up pool in the 25th episode of ZZ Gundam.

Wrapped around body

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
December 4th, 2005 "Zoids Genesis ep. 35"
Colonel Felme is in a towel after her Bubble Bath in the 35th episode of Zoids Genesis.