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Tohka Yatogami is a character from Date A Live.

Bathing Accessibility

Throughout the duration of the series, she lives at the Itsuka household which has a standard modern Japanese Ofuro with a Unit Bathtub.

Bathing Habits

She seemed to not like being seen naked while bathing during episode 4 but in later bathing scenes she seems to not care about being seen by Shidou Itsuka and is even ok with him bathing with her.

Bathing Scenes

Date A Live (novel)

Volume 2

Rinne Utopia

Date A Live (anime)

Episode 4

She takes a Shower and gets accidentally peeped on by Shidou Itsuka. As a result, she slaps Shidou out of the Ofuro which Shidou then learns from Kotori that Tohko will be living with them now.

Later on, Tohka Stripping is seen as a silhouette through the door while Shidou takes a Bath using a bath bomb (which creates Green Bathwater). Shidou freaks out and hids under the water as Tohka bursts in and jumps into the Unit Bathtub but then Shidou ends up rising up getting Tohka mad and tries to drown him as a result.

Episode 6

Date A Live II

Episode 2

Episode 3


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