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To Love-Ru/Chapter 006

To Love-Ru ch 1 6 Color.png
Official English Title The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
Kanji Title 舞い降りた少女
Rōmaji Title Maiorita shōjo
Release date April 24th, 2006
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus Male & Female
Length 6 pages
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Chapter

To Love-Ru episode 1 is the first bathing scene in the entire To Love-Ru series.


At night, Rito Yuuki is taking a Bath at home in a Unit Bathtub with a Rubber Duck. While he can't get Haruna Sairenji the girl he likes off his mind, he submerses deeper into the water with a Wash Cloth on his head. Leaning back and resting his arms against the edges, the water starts to bubble and then explodes. The female alien Lala Satalin Deviluke ends up transported naked into his bathtub where he is shocked and mesmerized by her naked body. Being freaked out over this surprise, Rito runs out of the bath in a Towel and tells his sister Mikan Yuuki that there is a naked woman in their bathtub, but Lala is gone when he shows her making Mikan embarrassed by thinking her brother fantasizes of woman in while in the bath. When Rito goes back to his room he see's Lala on his bed wearing a blue towel.


In the original run in Weekly Shonen Jump, Lala's nipples were covered twice. The first being on the full page of her standing full frontal after she first appeared. While her hair is covering her nipples in this shot in all versions, the nipples are atleast seen slightly poking out from under her hair in the volume version as well as the direction her hair is swinging in. Within that same shot, their is a steam cloud covering her crotch in the magazine version but in the volume version the cloud is gone and almost her whole crotch is visible with the exception of one of her lochs are hair conveniently covering the center of it. The second time is when she is sitting on Rito's bed in a towel where the towel is hanging down enough that it shows one of her nipples poking out but in the magazine version the towel completely covers her breasts.

Anime Differences

Anime version of this scene
Main article: To Love-Ru/Episode 01

In the anime adaptation during episode 1, Rito does not bathe with a Rubber Duck and he is bathing in Green Bathwater instead of blue. Alongside the obvious difference that the bathroom is modeled slightly different the bathwater in the anime version is also transparent where you can see that he is spreading his legs. When Rito fantasizes about Haruna in the anime, his head gets big and he overheats rather than just submerging with a wash cloth on his head. The shot where Rito is arm resting is zoomed out a bit more in the anime where you can see that Rito is spreading his legs and before the explosion Lala teleports in from, a flash happens before the water explodes. The anime added an extra scene where Rito ends up grabbing a hold of Lala's breasts and when he is dazzed looking at her body, he is submerged in the bathwater rather than standing up like in the manga. The Towels are different colors where Rito's towel is blue and Lala's towel is tan. The scene where Lala is sitting on Rito's bed doesn't have Lala's nipple hanging out of the Towel like it does in the manga.


  • Saki Hasemi - Writer
  • Kentaro Yabuki - Artist


The scene first ran in Weekly Shonen Jump on April 24th, 2006. It was re-released uncensored in volume 1 released in Japan on November 2nd, 2006.


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