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Gender Female
Series Bullet the Wizard
Taken 3 Baths
Bathed In Clawfoot Bathtub
Drop-In Bathtub
Bathed with
Situations Jumping
Standing In The Bath
Bathtub Sharing
Bath Bonding
Towel on Head
Breast Grabbing (grabber)
Accessories Used Towel

Titi-Alice is a character from Bullet the Wizard.

Bathing Habits

She is a fairy that has to take Baths in wine to turn into a human. She doesn't care if she is seen naked.

Bathing Scenes

Bullet the Wizard

Chapter 2

She takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub full of wine to return to her human form.

Chapter 12

She takes a Bath in a Cup and wears a Bathrobe afterwards.

Chapter 20

She does some Bathtub Sharing in a Drop-In Bathtub.