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A Steam Bath is a method of bathing involving a bather to be inside of a small room known as a Sauna or Steam Room that is heated and the bather sweats. Similar to a Public Bath and a Shower Room, multiple other people of the same gender may be in this room as well and are commonly available at public facilities.

List of Steam Bath scenes

May 25th, 1991 "Bubblegum Crash episode 1"
Bubblegum Crash 1 1.png
As the Knight Sabers Sylia Stingray, Nene Romanova, Linna Yamazaki and Priscilla Asagiri discuss their briefing on their mission, they hold their meeting in a high tech steam bath.
May 28th, 1998 "Outlaw Star episode 22"
Outlaw Star 22 4.png
Gene Starwind and some unnamed male bathers have a steam bath in a prison which later ends up being a brawl.
April 17th, 2001 "Rune Soldier episode 3"
Merril, Genie and Melissa have a steam bath.
December 13th, 2003 "Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi episode 10"
Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi 10 33.png
At a large Public Bath, Aoi Sakuraba, Miyabi Kagurazaki and Mayu Miyuki visit the steam bath. Eventually they all get too hot and have to run out exhausted.
March 22nd, 2007 "Gintama episode 48"
Gintoki Sakata and Toshiro Hijikata have a comical fight at a steam bath.
August 7th, 2008 "Strike Witches episode 6"
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August 14th, 2010 "Asobi ni iku yo! episode 6"
Asobi ni iku yo 6 11.png
The Catians Durel, Chaika, Kuune and Melwin have a meeting about some footage they were watching while in a virtually created steam bath.
August 11th, 2008 "Strike Witches 2 episode 6"
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