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Starship Troopers

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Starship Trooper began a series in 1959 as an abridged serial in "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction" (published in two parts, October and November) which was renamed Starship Troopers when compiled into a December hardcover, and won "Hugo Award for Best Novel" the following year.

After a 1976 board game adaptation and a 1982 computer game adaptation, an anime series was made for the Troopers series. It released October to December 1988 and was called "Uchū no Senshi". It had 6 OVA episodes.

A live film adaptation was made in 1997 under the basic 'Starship Troopers' title.

A 40 episode CGI series called "Roughnecks" subtitled "Starship Trooper Chronicles" from 1999-2000.

Two more live film sequels were made to the 1997 film. The second (2004) had the subtitle "Hero of the Federation" and the third (2008) had the subtitle "Maurauder".

A fourth movie in the series (though not numbered 4 in the title) was released 2012 and called "Invasion". Unlike the previous three, it was computer-animated. It was released in Japan July 21 and then in America August 28.


On page 51, Juan Rico mentions finding two senior instructors in the showers together. On page 58 Zim tells Rico to shower.

On page 86, Juan and a squad commander and career corporal named Ace chase a private out of the showers before he could shower. They fight and Ace wins, but Juan earns his respect.

Juan mentions taking another shower on page 92.

Starship Troopers (live-action film)

Trivia: The cast agreed to do the naked shower scene only if the director agreed to direct the scene naked. Verhoeven directed the scene with no clothes on.

There is a notable shower scene in the film depicting enlisted members in bootcamp (training to be mobile infantry soldiers) showering together with mixed men and women.

This notably included nudity (the female breasts of Dizzy Flores, for example) of several notable characters, including Juan Rico. This will often be censored (such as when the Space Channel airs it) by cutting out certain shots or zooming-cropping.

This scene is before Djana leaves, although she meets back up with Rico when he joins the Roughnecks.

Starship Troopers: Invasion

Carmen Ibanez is seen taking a shower after sleeping with Johnny Rico. She is then seen wearing a towel in front of Johnny and their friend Carl Jenkins (a psychic).

An unnamed corporal referred to as "Ice Blonde" also takes a shower and is seen naked and with a towel before and after it.

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