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Sponge Bath

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A Sponge Bath is a method of bathing in which a person must have wet cloth or Sponge rubbed across their body to clean. It is usually used on characters or seem to be sick or injured that would have difficulties having a regular bath. Usually in the case of the injured or sick another person will be rubbing them down with it and not all the time do they need to be completely naked as they will sometimes just need to be in their underwear. Another scenario in which sponge baths are used would be in environments where water is scarce and a full bath or shower would take too much water.

List of Sponge Bath scenes

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
June 4th, 2010 "Angel Beats! episode 10"
Angel Beats 10 1.jpg
Yui is shown getting a sponge bath naked from her mother while in a hospital bed during a Flashback about her life. Since she was paralyzed and in the hospital for most of her life, sponge baths are implied to have been the only way she bathed.
February 4th, 2012 "Nisemonogatari episode 5"
Karen Araragi gets a sponge bath from her older brother Koyomi Araragi after getting a fever. She initially wanted to take a bath but Koyomi opposed the idea gave her a sponge bath in her underwear.
September 9th, 2012 "Oda Nobuna no Yabou episode 10"
Nene gives Hanbei Takenaka a sponge bath after Stripping her in front of Yoshiharu Sagara because she had a fever. She rubs her with a wash cloth as she is lies under the covers of a bed.
September 16th, 2012 "Oda Nobuna no Yabou episode 11"
Continuing with the fever from the previous episode, Hanbei Takenaka is still in bed and seen getting another sponge bath from Nene though with her condition to seem a bit worse.

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