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Soul Eater 1 9.png
Official English Title Resonance of the Soul – Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe?
Kanji Title 魂の共鳴 〜ソウル=イーター、デスサイズになる?〜
Rōmaji Title Tamashii no Kyōmei 〜Sōru Ītā, Desu Saizu ni Naru?〜
Release date April 7th, 2008
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Bones
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus Female & Male
Length 1 minute 37 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 09:09 - 10:46
Segment Episode

Soul Eater episode 1 is the first bathing scene in the Soul Eater anime series.


Blair is introduced while having a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub in her house with a Rubber Duck between her breasts. She is shown Singing while controlling a Scrub Brush with her magic to scrub her legs and back. Outside the house, Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn plot to capture Blair's house and Soul rushes in breaking through the window landing in blairs bath Clothed Bathing between her breasts while she had her legs crossed. The second Soul takes his face out of Blairs breasts and gets a glimpse at them he has a nosebleed and tells her its nothing, hes a cool guy and used to seeing naked girls all the time. Maka then appears in the bathroom where she kicks Soul out of the bathtub and tells Blair that they are after her soul where she then jumps out of the bathtub naked and magically gets dressed very quickly to battle.


Censored TV Airing

Even though the scene doesn't depict anything explicit, its initial TV running had floating bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner placed to cover up Blair's cleavage and buttocks during the moment she was scrubbing her back while shaking her butt. The bottles were removed on the DVD releases of the episode.

Manga Differences

Main article: Soul Eater/Prologue Chapter 1

This episode was an adaptation of the first prologue chapter of the Soul Eater manga. The manga version of the chapter is much shorter and ended on a scene of Blair naked outside of the bathtub holding Soul under her breasts which was different in the anime version where instead she jumps out of the tub and is magically fully clothed before she blasts both Maka and Soul out of her house. The anime adaptation confirms that the tub Blair bathes in is a Clawfoot Bathtub as the bottom of the tub was unspecified in the manga. At the beginning of the bath scene, Blair is stretching her leg out to get scrubbed by Brush-san in the manga version but the anime made it so she is folding her leg instead. The Rubber Duck was outside of the bathtub in the manga but was in the tub with her in the anime.

Outside Appearances

Part of this scene was shown in FUNimation's trailer for the english DVD releases.


The scene first aired in Japan on April 7th, 2008 on TV Tokyo.


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