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Official English Title Remedial Lesson (Part 1)
Kanji Title 補習授業(前編)
Rōmaji Title
Release date May 12th, 2004
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Monthly Shonen Gangan
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus {{{sex}}}
Length 1 page
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Soul Eater chapter 1 is the 3rd bathing scene in the Soul Eater manga series.


Blair is shown having a Bubble Bath at Maka & Soul's apartment in a brief cutaway gag right after a moment where Maka who is getting ready for a fight says that she wants to finish this up and go take a bath. During the Cutaway Blair is shown sitting on the rim of Maka & Souls Bathtub Singing and requesting the magic Scrub Brush to scrub her feet. In the last panel, Blair is shown in the bathtub learning over the edge saying that she is bored and wishes she could go to school like Maka and Soul.

Anime Differences

Main article: Soul Eater/Episode 4
Anime version of this scene.

The Bathtub Blair bathes in is a Clawfoot Bathtub instead of a Flat Bathtub.


  • Atsushi Ookubo - Writer and artist.


The volume containing this scene.

This chapter was first released on May 12th, 2004 in Monthly Shonen Gangan. On June 22nd, 2004 the chapter was printed and published by Square Enix in the first manga volume released in Japan. The scene was officially translated and released in North America in volume 1 published by Yen Press on October 27th, 2009.






"I want to go finish this up and go take a bath..."
~Maka Albarn
"Scrub my feet next"


  • This is the last on screen bathing scene with Blair in the Soul Eater manga.
  • Including the title page, this scene is on the 33rd page of this chapter.


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