Sona Sitri

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Sona Sitri
Sona Sitri.png
Sōna Shitorī
Gender Female
Series High School DxD
Taken 2 steam baths
Bathed In Sauna
Bathed with Tsubaki Shinra
Rias Gremory
Akeno Himejima
Situations Bath Bonding
Clothed Bathing
Peeping (victim)
Towel Holding
Accessory Throwing
Accessories Used Communication Device
Bath Bucket
Clothing Loss

Sona Sitri is a character from High School DxD.

Bathing Accessibility

She has access to a Sauna which she uses to hold meetings.

Bathing Habits

She seems to not like being seen by males even if she is wearing a Swimsuit.

Bathing Scenes

High School DxD New

Episode 2

She has a Steam Bath meeting with Tsubaki Shinra, Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima.

Episode 3

She has a Steam Bath meeting with Rias Gremory and they both receive magical calls from Tsubaki Shinra and Akeno Himejima.

High School DxD (mobage game)

She appears wearing a Bikini and holding a Towel while throwing a Bath Bucket from getting Peeped at for a card that is part of an Onsen themed set. There is another variant of the card where the bikini is getting destroyed resulting in Clothing Loss.

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