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This article is incomplete and is missing content.

Shuffle! (anime)

Episode 2

After announcing the bath is free, Kaede shows up wrapped in a green towel around her body with a 2nd green Towel on Head after Off Screen Bathing and comes to talk to Rin in that state.

Episode 6

Tsuchiya recommends to Rimu to take a bath since she got wet standing in the rain.

Episode 8

Aired August 26th, 2005

Lisianthus / Sia reads in the tub with Towel on Head. She is briefly shown topless in the Bluray version

Episode 9

Aired September 16th, 2005

There is Skinny Dipping in the Ocean from Swimsuit loss when a big wave hits Asa Shigure. Although she does Breast Covering, the DVD version does briefly show her entire breasts on-screen.

She calls over Rin Tsuchimi and hugs his back to use to hide herself, which results in some Skinship between the two. He asks why she can't use her hands and she just quips that he covers more than her hands.

Episode 10

Aired September 23rd, 2005

Kaede Fuyou does Angst Bathing when she thinks Rin Tsuchimi is engaged to marry Lisianthus.

Episode 11

Aired September 30th, 2005

There is a Bath House scene where Mayumi Thyme is working and two boys are shown naked Towel Whipping each other while men use the sauna. By the time her teacher Nadeshiko Benibara arrives, Mayumi is already closing up. Nadeshiko says she'll come back another time but Mayumi invites her to join her and they share a tub together.

The Bluray Disc version shows Mayumi's bare chest when she is Arm Stretching and Yawning. Nadeshiko is not shown below the neck, though she is wearing a Towel on Head.

Episode 20

Aired December 2nd, 2005

Shuffle! Memories

This series is mostly recap footage of the first series.

Episode 1

Aired January 7th, 2007

There is a Bath scene.

Episode 7

Aired January 17th, 2007

There is a Shower scene.


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