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This article is for the accessory, for the Ranma 1/2 character see Shampoo (Ranma 1/2).

Shampoo is a type of Soap used specifically for washing hair. It is sometimes followed by another substance for hair known as Conditioner. In Japanese culture, Shampoo is applied outside of the bath during a Furo session and rinsed off under a Shower. A sign of a character using shampoo is a big cloud of soap suds in their hair and usually their hands rubbing it. Since shampoo can sometimes get into a persons hair, there is a type of hat called a Shampoo Hat that can be worn to avoid that problem.


Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
January 17th, 1974 "Dororon Enma-kun episode 15"
Dororon Enma-kun 15 2.png
Enma-kun gets his hair shampooed by Yukiko-Hime as he is taking a Bath in an Barrel.
March 5th, 1986 "Dragon Ball episode 2"
Dragon Ball 2 5.png
While Bulma Brief is bathing Son Goku, she puts shampoo in his hair. Goku gets bothered by the shampoo and asks Bulma what this fluffy stuff she is putting in his hair is. Bulma then turns the Shower on him to rinse it out. This is the first time Goku has ever had shampoo in his hair.
April 2nd, 1986 "Dragon Ball episode 6"
Dragon Ball 6 12.png
Bulma Brief shampoos her hair during her Shower in Oolong's House-Wagon. She first picks up a shampoo bottle out of a pile of soap suds that was on the floor of the tub and is then seen placing the bottle back up with the other ones. While Shampooing her hair, a small amount drips down one of her bangs and she flicks it off. During the rest of the time she is Shampooing, Yamcha who is outside accidently peeps on her but she wasn't aware of it.
November 26th, 1986 "Dirty Pair: Project Eden"
Dirty Pair Project Eden 15.png
Yuri is seen shampooing her hair in a Bubble Bath that she is in while Neighbor Bathing with Kei. The shampoo is rinsed out of her hair when Carson D. Carson falls into her tub splashing water onto her.
December 16th, 1986 "Outlanders"
Kahm is seen using shampoo in her hair while she is taking a Bath in her private spring. She is then seen rinsing the shampoo out with a Waterfall Shower.
May 6th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 4"
Ranma 4 24.png
Genma Saotome is seen shampooing his head during a Furo which comically inconveniences Ranma Saotome who needed to bathe because Genma is bald.
April 13th, 1990 "Ranma ½ episode 40"
Ranma Anime 14.png
At a Public Bath, Ranma Saotome is seen shampooing her hair in female form.
June 19th, 1998 "Mulan"
Mulan 8.png
Near the beginning of the film in the musical number "Honor to Us All", Fa Mulan is being given a Cold Bubble Bath and has Shampoo forcefully scrubbed into her hair. It is then rinsed out with a substance from two bottles that get poured into her hair.
May 12th, 1998 "Cardcaptor Sakura episode 6"
Sakura Kinomoto uses shampoo at the beginning of her Furo session.
Unknown Date, 1998 "Bambi and Her Pink Gun chapter 3"
Bambi and Her Pink Gun v01 066.jpg
In the third chapter, Bambi is seen shampooing her hair while taking a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
April 26th, 2000 "FLCL episode 1"
FLCL 1 2.png
Naota Nandaba is seen shampooing his hair during a Furo session as he is thinking to himself and annoyed.
October 30th, 2000 "Inuyasha episode 3"
After returning to the present time, Kagome Higurashi is seen waving her hands through her hair during a Reverse Furo session at her bathroom at home and saying that she's happy to get to shampoo her hair again.
January 26th, 2002 "Love Hina Again opening credits"
Love Hina Again Intro 5.png
While bathing in a Hot Spring during a childhood flashback, Kanako Urashima is seen wearing a Shampoo Hat and getting her hair shampooed by Keitaro Urashima.
January 26th, 2002 "Love Hina Again episode 1"
Love Hina Again 2 1.png
Kanako Urashima has a flashback of her childhood where she is seen wearing a Shampoo Hat and getting her hair shampooed by Keitaro Urashima while bathing in a Hot Spring.
February 28th, 2002 "Love Hina Again episode 2"
Love Hina Again 2 40.png
Keitaro Urashima gets his hair shampooed by Kanako Urashima who was wearing a Swimsuit during a Furo session with him.
March 27th, 2002 "Love Hina Again episode 3"
Love Hina Again 3 2.png
A different angle of the flashback is seen with Kanako Urashima wearing a Shampoo Hat and getting her hair Shampooed by Keitaro Urashima while they bathed together in the Hot Spring.
November 30th, 2002 "Gundam Seed episode 9"
Miriallia Haw is seen using shampoo on her hair when she is taking a Shower.
March 12th, 2003 "Mahou Sensei Negima! chapter 3"
Negima ch 3 9.png
Asuna Kagurazaka shampoos Negi Springfield's hair during a Furo session during the Forced Bath that she made him take at the Mahora Public Bath.
January 26th, 2005 "Mahou Sensei Negima! episode 4"
Negima 4 48.png
While Asuna Kagurazaka is bathing Negi Springfield in the Mahora Public Bath, one of the things she is doing was shampooing his hair. Once they hide and the other girls come in and start bathing, Makie Sasaki is seen shampooing her hair during her Furo session.
December 7th, 2005 "Gintama episode 34"
Gintama 34 3.png
Shinpachi Shimura is seen shampooing his hair in the Shower as he is frightened by the fact that after he gets out, Eromes is going to sleep with him.
May 14th, 2007 "Lucky Star episode 6"
While at the Public Bath, Konata Izumi uses a real brand of shampoo in her hair known as Timotei. During this she rubs her hair saying "Timotei", this scene became on internet meme.
February 3rd, 2008 "One Piece episode 341"
One Piece 341 8.png
Nami is seen shampooing her hair while taking a Shower in Dr. Hogback's mansion.
April 11th, 2010 "Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 2"
Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 17.jpg
Kou Ichinomiya has his hair shampooed by Nino while he is having a Bath in a Barrel. Nino plays around with his hair during the time and shapes them all into spikes.
July 17th, 2010 "Seitokai Yakuindomo episode 3"
Seitokai Yakuindomo 3 7.png
During a Furo session at an Onsen during a school trip, Shino Amakusa is seen shampooing her hair as she is talking with Aria Shichijou. A picture of Shino shampooing was also taken by Ranko Hata.
August 6th, 2010 "High School of the Dead episode 6"
During a Furo session, Saya Takagi is seen shampooing her hair but then gets interrupted when Saeko Busujima runs the Shower on her.
April 14th, 2011 "A Channel episode 2"
A-Channel - 02 - Large 28.jpg
During a Furo session with Tooru, Yuuko Nishi is seen shampooing her hair while sitting on a Bath Stool.
April 15th, 2011 "Fairy Tail OVA episode 1"
Fairy Tail OVA 1 6.png
While bathing in the Fairy Hills Public Bath with the other residents, Levy McGarden is seen washing her hair with shampoo talking to Erza Scarlet saying that she wishes Lucy Heartfilia was bathing with them as well.
September 17th, 2011 "Fairy Tail episode 97"
Lucy Heartfilia is seen shampooing her hair while taking a Shower just before she discovers that Cana Alberona was sitting there bathing in her bathtub.
January 28th, 2012 "Nisemonogatari episode 4"
During a lengthy Mixed Furo session, Shinobu Oshino has Koyomi Araragi get out of the Clawfoot Bathtub and put shampoo and conditioner into her hair telling him that its been a long time since she had a bath (being an immortal vampire) and would think that it would be fun to have one. Afterwards she rinses the shampoo out under the Shower and proceeds to scrub her body.
January 30th, 2012 "Gokujyo. episode 1"
Gokujyo1 2.jpg
Aya Akabane is shown using shampoo in her hair during a Flashback Bathing Scene of her taking a Bath where she is apparently seen Singing as well.
May 26th, 2012 "Another OVA"
AnotherOVA 1.jpg
During a Furo session, Mei Misaki is seen washing her hair with shampoo.

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