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(roughly translated means World Conquest Zvezda Plot) or often just called Zvezda, is a franchise that launched on multiple fronts in 2014. The anime began 11 January, and later in the month 3 manga series published by Ichijinsha came out. The first (a Seinen written by Hori) debuted 22 January on Manga 4koma Palette. The second and third are Shonen genre and both began 27 January, published in Comic Rex magazine. One is written by Manatsu Suzuki and the other is written by Hamao.


Episode 4

"Udo`s in the Cold Ground" aired February 2

Itsuka Shikabane takes a Shower in a Clawfoot Bathtub when a Power Outage happens and she is seen Slipping.

Episode 5

"White Robin in Danger!" aired February 9

Episode 9

"Steamy Masquerade" aired March 9


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