Satellizer L. Bridget

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Satellizer L. Bridget
Gender Female
Series Freezing
Taken 3 Baths
2 Showers
Bathed In Shower
Public Bath
Tube Bath
Shower Room
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Accessories Used

Satellizer L. Bridget is the main protagonist of Freezing.

Freezing (manga)

Chapter 113

In preparation for a bonding event with her Limiter, she takes a shower.

Freezing (anime)

Episode 2

She takes a Shower.

Episode 4

She has a bath and is seen in a towel afterward wearing her glasses. She is embarassed seeing a person (man?) with short black hair and blushes.

Episode 6

After having another shower she walks out to see a woman with medium black hair sitting in a chair.

Episode 10

She has yet another shower.

Freezing Specials

Episode 2

While Arnett does some Breast Grabbing to Satellizer, a Creo reaches down with her right arm to masturbate Satellizer. Meanwhile Ingrid looks on.

Later, initially on her own, Satellizer embarassingly hides herself from Kazuya.

Freezing Vibration

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