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Sankarea (manga)

Chapter 36

There is a Shower scene.

Sankarea (anime)

Episode 2

Ranko Saouji takes a Bath.


Episode 4

Dan'ichirou Sanka takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub and is depressed of the recent supposed death of his daughter Rea Sanka. Later on in the episode Rea takes a Shower and is walked in on by Jogorou Furuya.


Episode 5

Jogorou Furuya takes a Bath.

Episode 8

Ranko Saouji has a Bath in a Public Bath and weighs herself on a Bathroom Scale in a Towel after getting out. Mero Furuya and her classmates Ichie Shinoda and Miko Yasaka arrive at the bathhouse and start Stripping and Ranko decides to back into the baths to join them.


Episode 10

In a Flashback, Dan'ichirou Sanka is given a Sponge Bath by Aria Sanka.

Sankarea OVA

Episode 1

Rea Sanka bathes in a Hot Spring and ends up getting Peeped at on accident.

Episode 2

Aria Sanka takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Episode 3

Rea Sanka is taking a Shower and then the Baabu comes through the window and ends up joining her where she washes the cat with Shampoo.


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