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Sailor Moon/Episode 040

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Sailor Moon/Episode 030

Sailor Moon/Episode 060

Sailor moon 40 2.jpg
Official English Title The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi's Family
Kanji Title 湖の伝説妖怪! うさぎ家族のきずな
Rōmaji Title Izuumi no Densetsu Youkai! Usagi Kazoku no Kizuna
Release date January 16th, 1993
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Toei Animation
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Male & Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Episode

Sailor Moon episode 40 is the fifth bathing scene in the Sailor Moon anime series.


There is a Onsen scene.


Appearing Tropes


Alt1.jpg Alt2.jpg Sailor moon 40 2.jpg Sailor moon 40 3.jpg Sailor moon 40 5.jpg Sailor moon 40 7.jpg Serena-Tsukino-Sailor-Moon-514.jpg Sailor moon 40 9.jpg Sailor moon 40 11.jpg Sailor moon 40 14.jpg Sailor moon 40 15.jpg Sailor moon 40 17.jpg Sailor moon 40 4.jpg Serena-Tsukino-Sailor-Moon-515.jpg Sailor moon 40 6.jpg Sailor moon 40 8.jpg Sailor moon 40 19.jpg Sailor moon 40 20.jpg Sailor moon 40 10.jpg Serena-Tsukino-Sailor-Moon-516.jpg Sailor moon 40 12.jpg Sailor moon 40 13.jpg Sailor moon 40 22.jpg Sailor moon 40 16.jpg Sailor moon 40 18.jpg Sailor moon 40 23.jpg Sailor moon 40 24.jpg Sailor moon 40 26.jpg Sailor moon 40 27.jpg Sailor moon 40 28.jpg Sailor moon 40 29.jpg Sailor moon 40 30.jpg Sailor moon 40 31.jpg Sailor moon 40 32.jpg Sailor moon 40 21.jpg Sailor moon 40 33.jpg Sailor moon 40 34.jpg Sailor moon 40 35.jpg Sailor moon 40 36.jpg Sailor moon 40 37.jpg Sailor moon 40 38.jpg Sailor moon 40 25.jpg


This episode was made into episode 36 in the English dub titled "Last Resort" since episodes 2, 5, 6 & 20 were cut.


This episode first aired in Japan on January 16th, 1993. The English debut was on October 18th, 1995.

Manga Differences

This entire episode is not in the manga and is a filler episode exclusive to the anime.

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