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Sailor Moon

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This article is incomplete and is missing content.
English Title: Sailor Moon
Genre: Magical Girl, Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Original Creator: Naoko Takeuchi
anime series
Directed by: Junichi Sato
Studio: Toei Animation
Original Run: March 7, 1992 – February 27, 1993
# of Episodes: 46

Sailor Moon is a magical girl anime and manga series.

Sailor Moon (manga)

Chapter 43

"Act 43 Dream 5, Venus Dream"

Minako Aino takes a Shower.

Omake: Ami's First Love

Chapter reprinted in volume 13 and Sailor Moon Short Stories volume 1

On the chapter cover, Ami Mizuno is seen taking a Bath in her Clawfoot Bathtub reading a Book while sitting in the middle of the tub and dangling her legs.

Sailor Moon (anime)

Episode 4

"So You Want to Be a Superstar" aired September 14, 1995. It was retitled "Slim City" in the American dub and made the third episode.

From 5m44s to 5m49s there is a 5 second scene cut from the American release showing Usagi's classmates' reaction to Jedite's announcement of the "special massage bath". It shows a shot of the door containing some Katanaka.

At 5m50s Usagi Tsukino has a bath. She steps out, drying herself off and wraps herself in a Towel. She then gets upset because she thinks she broke the Bathroom Scale after weighing herself.

Episode 7

"Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough" aired 25 April 1992
In English (as episode 4, since episodes 2+5+6 were cut) it was dubbed "So You Want to Be a Superstar" on 14 September 1995

Derella attacks Mikan Shiratori in the shower. This scene was cut in the French dub.

Episode 30

October 31, 1992

Episode 40

January 16, 1993

Episode 60

June 26, 1993

This was episode 14 of Sailor Moon R.

Episode 80

January 8, 1994

This was episode 34 of Sailor Moon R

Episode 113

November 12, 1994

In episode 24 of Sailor Moon S, Usagi Tsukino is takes a Bath with Chibiusa Tsukino. One time at the beginning and another at the end.

Episode 123

Aired January 28th, 1995

Episode 136

May 27, 1995

Episode 9 of Sailor Moon SuperS

Episode 137

June 3, 1995

In episode 10 of SuperS, Fisheye takes a Shower.

Episode 140

Episode 158

December 16, 1995

Episode 178

June 22nd, 1996 (Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars episode 12)

Yaten Kou and Luna take an Off Screen Bath together and Luna was washed with Soap.

Episode 184

Aired August 17th, 1996

After getting cake on him, Kou Seiya takes a Shower to clean up and is seen wearing a Towel.

Unknown Episode

Sailor Moon SuperS: Ami's First Love

December 23, 1995
Ami reading in the bath

In the beginning of the special, Ami Mizuno tells about her average morning. One part shows that she always takes a bath before school while wearing her glasses and reading a book. It first shows a bunch of flying bubbles obscuring the view of Ami in the bathtub but then becomes clear showing her Bath Kicking while reading. She then looks at the camera and closes the book. She then grabs a pink towel leaning over the edge of the tub and stands up holding it as she gets ready to get out.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

Episode 1

Ami Mizuno ends up bathing in her transformation sequence when turning into Sailor Mercury.

Episode 3

Rei Hino is seen having a Misogi.

Episode 5

Ami Mizuno ends up Skinny Dipping in a Swimming Pool while transforming into Sailor Mercury Off Screen. Later Michiru Kaiou ends up bathing in her transformation sequence to become Sailor Neptune.

Episode 9

Preview for episode 10

Episode 10

There is a Flashback Bathing Scene of Cyprine, Eudial, Mimete, Tellu and Viluy in a Tube Bath.


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