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Colored Bathwater is bathwater that is shown to be a different color rather than the typical colors of clear or blue. Most average reasons for colored bathwater is the result of a Bath Bomb or Bath Salts being used with green being the most common abnormal color for baths. In SciFi environments or on other planets, the water (or whatever a person sulks in) can take on a reddish, pink or lavender coloring. Any unknown liquid that is an abnormal color that a character ends up bathing it goes her.

Green Bathwater

Green bathwater is bathwater that is green because it has had special bath salts added to it for scenting the water. It is commonly seen in household japanese baths and Onsens. It often confuses American audiences but is either herbal bath salt or just lighting.

Pink Bathwater

Red Bathwater

Red Bathwater is a form of Colored Bathwater usually done to indicate heat. However it can also include Blood Baths, which has its own page.

Yellow Bathwater

Yellow Bathwater is a form of Colored Bathwater.

Kara Zor-El gets a Rain Shower in yellow water in an old comic:

Queen's Blade: Successors to the Throne has two of these with Nanael in episodes 1 and 12:

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