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A Public Bath is a communal bathing facility where many bathers go to have their bath together. They can come in many different forms and were very popular among the Romans and to the Japanese. In anime and manga, many dormitories or other organized group bases have the same general concept for the many members to bathe.

In Japan, the Bathhouse or Sento (銭湯) is the most common form of Public Bath which is where people who don't have bathing facilities at home go to bathe. They have a Bathing Pool and a row of Showers. The baths are seperated by gender where all the males go to one bath and all the females go to another on the other side of the wall. People first pay money then go into the next room where they Strip their clothing off and then enter the bathing area where they have a Furo.

An Onsen is a public bath were the bathers bathe in a Hot Spring instead of a bathing pool and many of the same rules of a bath house apply. Very few public baths offer Mixed Bathing.

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