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Psycho is a film franchise that is known for creating one of the most iconic Shower scenes of all time in the first film released in 1960 which featured Marion Crane (portrayed Janet Leigh) getting Murdered by Norman Bates. The scene was reenacted by Anne Heche and Rihana and Scarlett Johansson in other various versions.

In the 1982 sequel Psycho II, actress Meg Tilly has a scene where she takes a shower in the Bate's mansion's Clawfoot Bathtub. In the 1987 TV movie Bates Motel, there is a Bath scene in that tub.

Jamie Lee Curtis (daughter of Janet Leigh) reenacted her mother's scene in the show Scream Queens.

Homages & Parodies


  • Janet Leigh was traumatized after filming the scene that she stopped taking showers and only took baths.