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PriPara (pronounced プリパラ as "Puripara") is short for Prism Paradise. This franchise began with an arcade game which debuted 10 July 2014. It had a manga and anime adaptation which debuted the same month.

PriPara (anime)

Season 1

Episodes 1 to 38

Episode 11

Laala Manaka takes a Bath in a Unit Bathtub with a Rubber Duck.

Aired September 13th, 2014

Episode 23

Aired December 6th, 2014

Dorothy West and Leona West take a Bath together in a Barrel Bathtub with a Rubber Duck.

Season 2

Episodes 39 to 89

Episode 78

Aired January 11th, 2016

Gloria Ookanda has a Steam Bath.

Season 3

Episodes 90+

Episode 97

"Super Miracle Delicious Peach" debuted 24 May 2016
Jululu takes a bath with a rubber duck and various other bath toys.

Episode 103

"I've Become a Failed Idol" debuted 5 July 2016

Laala with Towel on Head plays with a dolphin toy while sharing the tub with Jululu and a rubber duck as Non has a Furo session.

Episode 127

Episode 140

Idol Time PriPara

Episode 23

There is a Barrel Bathtub scene.

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