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Paranoia Agent (anime)

Episode 3

After having sex with an otaku, a naked black-haired woman (later identifying herself to her pimp as a prostitute named Maria) gets out of bed and tells him she is off to go have a shower. She is later seen exiting the building clothed and pushing buttons on her cellphone, meaning she had an Offscreen Shower.

Later on in the episode a woman named Harumi Chono is also seen having a shower.

Later on, another prostitute named Double Lips is seen wearing a towel talking to her John.

The episode then returns to Harumi Chono taking another shower. This scene is more explicit and shows Harumi's buttox, but due to Wikia ToS it cannot be showed here.

Episode 8

After several failed attempts at suicide (carbon monoxide, subway, hanging) the trio red back pack friends go to refresh themselves at a spa to rev up for their next attempt.

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