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Pandora Hearts (with パンドラハーツ pronounced Pandora Hātsu) is a manga that ran June 2006 to March 2015, compiled into 24 volumes. During this time it was adapted into a 25-episode anime TV series April to September 2009, with 9 anime Omakes included in the DVD releases July 2009 to March 2010.

Pandora Hearts (anime)

Episode 12

kagaminokuni (with 鏡の国 meaning Through the Looking Glass) debuted 18 June 2009

There is an Off Screen Bath in a Pedestal Bathtub.


Episode 23

kishimu sekai (with 軋む世界 meaning "A Warp In The world") debuted 10 September 2009

There is a Bath scene.


Pandora Hearts Omake

Episode 9

"Chains' Tea Party" released 25 March 2010.

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