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One Piece/Opening Credits 16

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One Piece/Episode 574 (in series)
One Piece Film Z (in franchise)

One Piece/Episode 597

One Piece OP 16.jpg
Official English Title Hands Up!
Kanji Title Hands Up!
Rōmaji Title Hanzu Appu!
Release date April 14th, 2013
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Toei Animation
Scene Type Bath & Shower
Sex of Bathers Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Opening Credits

One Piece opening credits 16 is the 18th bathing scene in the One Piece anime series.


Nami is seen taking a Bubble Bath in a tea Cup.


Appearing Tropes


While technically not censorship, this opening was not used in the FUNimation simulcast and international dubs of the anime due to copyright issues with the music label and had to continue using the previous opening theme "We Go" instead. Crunchyroll added the Punk Hazard episodes that were previously not available on their website during August 2014 and used "Hands Up!" instead of "We Go!". FUNimation obtained the rights to "Hands up!" by the time they released the English dub digitally, and is included there.


The opening first aired on April 10th, 2011 in Japan as the opening for episode 591 all the way to episode 628.

Manga Differences

Manga version of this scene.
Main article: One Piece/Chapter 676

This scene is based off of the colored chapter cover spread for chapter 676.

  • The tea cups have blue rims in the anime while they have white in the manga.
  • The soap suds in Nami's Bubble Bath are slightly bigger and more fluffy in the manga.
  • The Shower is spraying more water in the anime.
  • Franky who is cooking and ready to give food while looking in the direction towards Nami in the anime while in the manga he is looking towards Brook and handing him the food.

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