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Official English Title VIP
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Release date 2002
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One Piece chapter 213 is the third bathing scene in the One Piece manga series.


After recovering from the battle that the Strawhat Pirates had to save the Alabasta Kingdom from the Baroque Works, The crew was welcomed to bathe in the Royal Public Bath in the Palace after their banquet. On the males side is Nefertari Cobra along with Igaram introduces Monkey D. Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Roronoa Zoro and Eyelashes to the baths. Luffy and Usopp race each other to the Bathing Pool but then both end up Slipping. While Luffy and Ussop are seen standing in the bathwater Splash Fighting, Cobra is seen wearing a Towel and sitting on the opposite side of the rim while Zoro is outside of the bath with Chopper washing his back with a Sponge. Luffy and Usopp mock Zoro by standing under the Waterfall Shower and pretend to train just like him. Sanji goes to Igaram and asks him where the womens side is which angrily doesn't tell him but Cobra triumphantly points in the direction telling him.

Over on the girls side, Nami is getting her back scrubbed by Nefertari Vivi who tells her that she wonders that if there is a ship out there that has a big bath. When Nami looks over and sees all of the males Peeping over the wall, she gets up and covers herself with a towel and faces them and drops her towel on purpose in front of them saying "Happiness Punch" stunning all of the males giving them nose bleeds and causing them all to fall back down saying that she will be charging each and every one of them for the show she gave them. Nami and Vivi then get into the bathing pool together and while Nami is resting her arm on the side tells Vivi that they will be leaving tomorrow.

Back on the males side, all of the guys are sitting down outside of the bathing pool except for Zoro who is inside of it. Cobra then bows down to the Strawhats thanking them for saving his kingdom and claiming that even though he is a king those ranks don't exist in the bath.


  • Eiichiro Oda - writer and artist.

Adaptation Differences

In the manga, some of the male characters are seen sitting crossed legged on the ground completely naked with only a black shade covering their privates while in the anime they were wearing towels in that moment. Nami and Vivi have slightly more bathing screen time in the anime adaptation where the scene ends on both of them in the bathwater listening to the conversation going on in the males side. In the anime, Nami lowers her towel more when she does her "Happiness Punch".


This chapter was first released in 2002 in Weekly Shonen Jump. In July 4th, 2001 the chapter was printed and published by Shueisha in the 23rd manga volume released in Japan. The scene was officially translated and published in the English One Piece volume 23 on October 7th, 2008.






  • In the series this chapter is part of the "Alabasta arc".
  • This is the first bathing scene in the manga to have female characters.
  • This bathing scene has the most amount of bathers than any other bathing scene in the series.
  • This is the first bathing scene to be adapted into the anime.
  • In volume 27's SBS questions, a question was asked regarding Nami's bracelet as he even pointed out that she even wore it in the bath in referring to this chapter and the picture of Nami in the bathwater Arm Resting was used as a thumbnail next to the question pointing out that it is very important to her and thats why she wears it everywhere even in the bath.
  • When Nami says that she wonders if a ship that has a big bath exists foreshadows the bath that the crews second ship, The Thousand Sunny has and which she first bathes in Off Screen during chapter 442 but was on screen in its adaptation in episode 326.


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