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New Cutie Honey/Episode 8

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New Cutie Honey/Episode 6

Cutie Honey Flash/Episode 11

New Cutie Honey 8 5.png
Official English Title Dark Army Story: Temptation Shines Like Gold
Kanji Title 誘惑は黄金の輝き
Rōmaji Title Yami no Gundan Hen: Yuuwaku wa Ougon no Kagayaki
Release date November 21st, 1995
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Toei Animation
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Episode

New Cutie Honey episode 8 (also known as Shin Cutey Honey episode 8) is the seventh and final bathing scene in the New Cutie Honey anime series.


Gold Digger is seen taking a Money Bath in a pink Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub. Later on Honey Kisaragi is seen at a club seducing all of the audience in various outfits and shots with one of them being her taking a Bubble Bath. Gold Digger ends up using a transportation device to shoot Daiko Hayami, Akakabu Hayami and an entire police squad into a random location which ends up being in the females side of a Public Bath that was currently being occupied by many unnamed female bathers.


Appearing Tropes


New Cutie Honey 8 1.png New Cutie Honey 8 2.png New Cutie Honey 8 3.png New Cutie Honey 8 4.png New Cutie Honey 8 5.png New Cutie Honey 8 6.png New Cutie Honey 8 7.png New Cutie Honey 8 8.png New Cutie Honey 8 9.png New Cutie Honey 8 10.png New Cutie Honey 8 11.png New Cutie Honey 8 12.png New Cutie Honey 8 13.png New Cutie Honey 8 14.png New Cutie Honey 8 15.png

Outside Appearances

Scan revealing the full bathtub from Honey's scene.

The shot of Honey Kisaragi's Bubble Bath scene was revealed in full in a book revealing that the tub she was bathing in was a Clawfoot Bathtub since the actual episode didn't show the bottom portion of the tub.


This episode released aired in Japan on November 21st, 1995.


  • A woman strongly resembling Yukiko-Hime from another Go Nagai work known as Dororon Enma-kun is seen as one of the embarrassed women bathing in the Public Bath scene. While it is not uncommon for characters from other Go Nagai works to make background cameos this one is likely just a coincidental character design rather than a cameo since Yukiko only takes Cold Baths and ice baths and would not have interest in partaking in a hot bath.
  • This is the only time a Bath has been taken in a confirmed Clawfoot Bathtub in an animated Cutie Honey work.

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