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Cutie Honey

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This article is incomplete and is missing content.
This article is for the series, for the character see Honey Kisaragi

Cutie Honey (sometimes spelled as Cutey Honey) is an anime & manga franchise created by Go Nagai.

Cutie Honey (manga)

Chapter 12

Honey Kisaragi Skinny Dips.

Chapter 13

Honey Kisaragi takes a Bath in her dorm room's Unspecified Freestanding Bathtub.

Chapter 20

Chapter 24

Cutie Honey (anime)

Opening Sequence

Honey Kisaragi is shown doing a Bath Kick in a Bubble Bath and then Bubble Blowing. Near the end of it, she is shown naked only wearing a see-through gown and falling down a waterfall where she ends up Skinny Dipping briefly.

Episode 12

Honey Kisaragi goes Skinny Dipping in the Ocean.

Episode 13

There is an Onsen scene with Honey Kisaragi and Danbei Hayami.

Episode 18

Danbei Hayami bathes in a Hot Spring near the bottom of a volcano during Honey Kisaragi's fight against Coral Claw. When Coral Claw heats up the volcano more, Danbei gets too hot and flees the volcano naked. Later during the fight, Honey ends up going into the hot spring clothed.

Episode 20

Danbei Hayami is shown Skinny Dipping

New Cutie Honey

Opening Credits

Like in the original series intro, Honey Kisaragi does a Bath Kick in a Bubble Bath and then blows bubbles.

Episode 2

Honey Kisaragi has a Tube Bath naked only covered by a few piece of small white cloth. After escaping, she manages to break the liquid over Jewel Princess during their fight.

Episode 3

Honey Kisaragi has a Skinny Dipping scene while she transforms underwater and later has a Shower scene.

Episode 4

Honey Kisaragi's Tube Bath scene from episode 2 is shown in the ending credits.

2nd Opening Credits

Natsuko and Daiko Hayami are shown taking Showers in Shower Stalls while Honey Kisaragi is in a Towel chasing Danbei Hayami and Akakabu Hayami for Peeping on them but Honey drops her towel on accident and Danbei manages to take a picture.

Episode 5

Gene ends up Skinny Dipping after falling off a bridge and being defeated in a battle against Honey Kisaragi. Panther Zora appears and is also skinny dipping and kisses her.

Episode 6

Yasha ends up having a Rain Shower after she is defeated by Honey Kisaragi and at the end of the episode, her head is seen being held by Panther Zora who is naked in the rain shower.

Episode 8

Gold Digger is seen taking a Money Bath in a pink Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub. Later on Honey Kisaragi is seen at a club seducing all of the audience in various outfits and shots with one of them being her taking a Bubble Bath. Gold Digger ends up using a transportation device to shoot Daiko Hayami, Akakabu Hayami and an entire police squad into a random location which ends up being in the females side of a Public Bath that was currently being occupied by many unnamed female bathers.

Cutie Honey Flash

Episode 11

Aired May 17th, 1997

There is a Shower scene. Possibly an unnamed bather.

Episode 15

Aired June 14th, 1997

Honey Kisaragi has an accidental clothed Shower scene.

Episode 25

Aired October 4th, 1997

Honey Kisaragi takes an Off Screen Shower.

Cutie Honey Flash: The Movie

Released July 12th, 1997

There is a Shower scene with Honey Kisaragi.

Cutie Honey (live-action movie)

In the beginning of the live action movie, Honey Kisaragi is shown taking a bubble bath in an Clawfoot Bathtub.

Re: Cutie Honey

Episode 1

There is a Public Bath scene and later a Flashback Bathing Scene of Honey Kisaragi in a Tube Bath.

Episode 2

Honey Kisaragi has a Shower scene.

Episode 3

Honey Kisaragi and Sister Jill are seen in Tube Baths during a Flashback. Later on Honey takes a Shower in a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Honey vs.

Chapter 1

Cutie Honey Universe

Episode 4

Honey Kisaragi goes Skinny Dipping in a fountain Off Screen to wash off paint she was using to disguise herself as a statue.

Episode 6

Honey Kisaragi ends up Skinny Dipping after falling into a Lake after almost all her clothing got destroyed. Naoko Sukeban ends up getting Murdered and her body is Partially Clothed Bathing in the water.

Episode 7

Honey Kisaragi takes a Bath at the Hayami residence. After she gets out, Honey tells Natsuko Aki to go take a bath but then tells her she probably shouldn't right now because of Danbei Hayami and Junpei Hayami leecherous trouble making. Natsuko doesn't seem to partake in a bath instantly but its unconfirmed if she eventually ends up actually taking one Off Screen later that night.

Episode 10

Honey Kisaragi takes an Off Screen Bath. Danbei Hayami and Junpei Hayami confirm that they spy on Honey in the bath everyday.

Episode 11

Danbei Hayami and Junpei Hayami both have a Dream Sequence of Honey Kisaragi being peeped at while bathing in at an Onsen.


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