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Neon Genesis Evangelion 24 5.png
Official English Title The Beginning and the End, or 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Kanji Title 最後のシ者
Rōmaji Title Saigo no shisha
Release date March 13th, 1996
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Studio or Magazine Gainax
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Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 24 is the seventh and final bathing scene in the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series.


Asuka Langley Soryu attempts to commit Suicide in a rusty old Clawfoot Bathtub that is in a destroyed house. As she lays in the Blood Bath, her clothes are seen neatly folded and a NERV agent walks in finding her and interrupts her suicide by bringing her back to the headquarters. Due to her mental state at the time, she apparently didn't care about being seen naked by the agent as she showed no reaction.

Later on, after Shinji Ikari meets Kaworu Nagisa, they bathe together in a Public Bath at NERV.


The TV airings of Asuka's bathtub scene had a darkened shadow over the bathtub to have Asuka's naked body barely shown.

Outside Appearances

The Episode 23 had sketchs of parts from the bathing scenes in this episode as part of the episode previews at the end for it.


  • Hideaki Anno - Writer
  • Akio Satsukawa - Writer


The scene first aired on March 13th, 1996 in Japan.






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