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Naru Narusegawa

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Naru Narusegawa is the female lead of Love Hina.

Love Hina (manga)

October 21st, 1998 "Love Hina/Chapter 001"
Love Hina ch 1 7.jpg
She is introduced by stepping into a Hot Spring naked while holding a towel. Not having her glasses on, she mistakes Keitaro Urashima for being Mitsune Konno and tries to bond with her and discuss that her breasts are getting bigger and then playful grabs Keitaro but then feels his erection noticing that she is not with Kitsune. Narusegawa then puts glasses on to see that Keitaro is a man and then screams while Keitaro quickly runs out of the hot spring putting a towel on.
October 28th, 1998 "Love Hina/Chapter 002"
Love Hina ch 002 10.jpg
She bathes in an Onsen.
Before April 16th, 1999 "Love Hina/Chapter 012"
Love Hina ch 012 03.jpg
She has a Foot Bath in an Onsen during a Mixed Bathing session.
Before April 16th, 1999 "Love Hina/Chapter 014"
Love Hina ch 014 1.jpg
She bathes in an Onsen with Shinobu Maehara.

Chapter 19

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Love Hina (anime)

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She is seen bathing in a Hot Spring with Mitsune Konno, Kaolla Su, Shinobu Maehara and Motoko Aoyama. When Keitaro Urashima falls into the hot spring Clothed, Naru gives the final hit after all the girls punching him off into the sky.

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  • This episode is unaired and only included on DVD releases.

Love Hina Christmas Special

Love Hina Again

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Episode 1

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