Nana Osaki

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Nana Osaki
Nana Osaki.jpg
大崎 ナナ
Ōsaki Nana
Gender Female
Series Nana
Taken 8 Baths
1 Shower
Bathed In Clawfoot Bathtub
Unit Bathtub

Corner Bathtub
Slipper Bathtub

Bathed with Ren Honjo
Nana Komatsu
Situations Night Bathing
Mixed Bathing
Bathtub Sharing
Bath Bonding
Edge Leaning
Leg Curling
Back Washing (receiver)
Arm Washing
Breast Grabbing (victim)
Leg Spreading
Intimate Bathing
Shower Bath
Off Screen Bathing
Arm Resting
Bath Kick
Leg Crossing
Hands Behind Head
Standing In The Bath
Getting Out
Floral Bath
Foot Dipping
Getting In
Leg Arching
Angst Bathing
High Towel Wearing
Beer Drinking
Flashback Bathing Scene
Accessories Used Bubble Bath
Shower Head
Colored Bathwater
Communication Device

Nana Osaki is one of the two protagonists to Nana.

Bathing Accessibility

During the duration of the series she has lived in two apartments that have had a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Bathing Habits

She mostly takes Bubble Baths. She does not like bathing with other women but is okay bathing with guys mostly referring to her boyfriend Ren Honjo. When bathing in her apartment she will often be seen Smoking and getting annoyed when her roommmate Nana Komatsu barges in on her.

Bathing Scenes

Nana (manga)

Prologue 2

Chapter 19

She takes a Bath in her apartment's Clawfoot Bathtub and sings.

Chapter 23

She and Nana Komatsu end up sharing a Bubble Bath in their apartment's Clawfoot Bathtub.

Nana (live-action film)

Played by Mika Nakashima, She has a Bubble Bath scene in a Clawfoot Slipper bathtub with Ren Honjo. Later on, they have a Rose Bath in a hotel room.

Nana (anime)

Episode 4

Episode 5

She takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Episode 7

Episode 10

She takes a Bubble Bath while Smoking in a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Episode 18

She takes a Bath

Episode 19

Episode 24

She takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub and sings.

Episode 28

She takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub but is barged in on by Nana Komatsu who then strips and then cannonballs into the Bath with her. Both of them end up sharing the tub and talk.


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