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This series is currently running and will possibly be having more content in the future.

My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Academia 僕のヒーローアカデミア Boku no Hīrō Akademia) is a manga series running in Weekly Shonen Jump.

My Hero Academia (manga)

Chapter 71

There is an Onsen scene.

My Hero Academia (anime)

Episode 4

Izuku Midoriya takes an Off Screen Shower after All Might gives him some of his power in a Flashback.

Episode 8

Tooru Hagakure ends up taking a Shower since she was naked when ice melted in a room she was in. She is seen moving her feet up and down in a puddle of the hot water was that was created from the ice melting. Since she was using her invisibility power the entire scene this could almost be considered Off Screen Bathing.

Episode 40

There is an Onsen scene.

Episode 41

Katsuki Bakugo soaks his hands in an Oil Drum Bath and there is also a clothed bath in an Oil Drum with Shoto Todoroki.

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