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Moyashimon (もやしもん titled Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture in English) is an ongoing manga that began in 2004 with at least a dozen volumes so far. In 2007 it received an 11-episode anime TV series adaptation, in 2010 it received an 11-episode live TV series adaptation, and in 2012 the anime received another 11 episodes in a second season subtitled Returns.


Chapter 4

The sophomores offered Sawaki and Yuuki the use of their shower room to remove the ash from the previous chapter.

Chapter 14

Aoi Mutou leaves to take a shower and change. This occurs on page 19 which is page 56 of the compiled volume.

Volume 10

Haruka has to rough it with a shared bunk with Tada and no shower. In the parking lot, Tada has reached his brother just as the older one is getting out of the shower, and they agree to meet up.

Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture

Episode 8

Moyashimon Returns

Episode 1

5 July 2012, episode 12 overall in the anime

Episode 2

12 July 2012, episode 13 overall in the anime

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