Mizukami Haruko

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Template:Censored Mizukami Haruko (sometimes translated as Misukami Haruko and is literally translated as Watergod Haruko) is a character from Banana no Nana. She has a power of manipulating water but in exchange she is required to soak in water for 20 hours a day, because of this she is always bathing, usually in her bathtub carriage which has wheels and is moved by servants as her method of mobility. When at home she is shown to switch to a Bathing Pool. Her constant bathing makes her live a life without the use of any clothes but on few occasions where she needs to be out of the bath briefly such as fights, she puts on a Bathrobe. She also seems to have no problem being seen naked by anyone.

Banana no Nana

Chapter 1

Chapter 4.5