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Minami-ke is an ongoing manga series that began in 2004, with 10 volumes so far. It's had several televised anime adaptations, including:

  1. the first (no subtitle) in 2007 with 13 episodes
  2. Okawari in 2008 with 13 more
  3. Okaeri in 2009 with another 13
  4. a 1-shot Betsubara OVA also in 2009
  5. a 1-shot Omatase OVA in 2012
  6. a 13-episode Tadaima in 2013.

Minami-ke (manga series)

Chapter 74

Minami-ke (anime series)

Episode 2

October 14 2007

Chiaki, Makoto, Uchida, Yoshino, Shuuichi, and two unnamed male classmates are gathered around Chiaki's desk listening to Makoto give an anecdote about an argument in the teachers' lounge. However, Makoto refers to the teachers by the names "Hurricane #14" and "Monsoon." When Makoto begins talking about the interruption by the "Unopenable Plastic Umbrella," Chiaki stops him and asks him about the seemingly nonsensical story he is telling. Makoto is surprised and asks if she is serious and Yoshino reveals that Chiaki herself came up with these nicknames. Makoto continues, saying that the argument was the fault of the "Black-Bellied Polar Bear," causing Chiaki to imagine a black-bellied polar bear chasing away penguins.

When Makoto goes on to talk about the "Teapot Without a Lid," Chiaki imagines a black-bellied polar bear bathing in a giant open teapot getting caught in a monsoon, trying and failing to open a plastic umbrella, before getting blown away in a hail of debris.

Minami-ke: Okawari

Episode 1

Jan 6 2008

Episode 3

Jan 20 2008

Kana (19:12), showing her bizarre logic in explaining why she plans to foster a breast size competition: "Haruka, what is hospitality? It's showing exquisite consideration. Besides exquisite consideration, we have to work our guests up skillfully. And for that reason, I'm going to heat things up in the bath."

Episode 6

Feb 10 2008

Episode 9

Mar 2 2008

There is a scene where Kana Minami is shown bathing while Makoto is shown in the background (as Mako-chan)

Minami-ke: Okaeri

Episode 6

Feb 8 2009

Episode 10

Mar 8 2009

Episode 11

Mar 15 2009

Episode 12

Mar 22 2009

Minami-ke: Omatase

Oct 5 2012

In this OVA, Kana Minami is shown toweling her head dry after getting out of the shower. Her little sister Chiaki Minami suggests she wear a swimsuit so that she could shower as much as she likes without getting changed. It is likely Kana is taking a Cold Shower since she is feeling hot, complaining about the summer's heat. She does change into the swimsuit though, and when Chiaki's friends come over, they are disappointed that neither actually wants to accompany them to the pool.

Minami-ke: Tadaima


Jan 6 2013

Episode 2

Jan 13 2013

In this episode, Touma Minami's black-haired older brother comes to ask her to clean up the bath, implying that she must have had an Offscreen one earlier on to mess it up.

Episode 3

Jan 20 2013

Adapted from #Chapter 147 according to w:c:Minami-ke:Minami-ke: Tadaima Episode 03

Episode 4

Jan 27 2013

Episode 5

Feb 3 2013

Kana has an offscreen shower, and weighs herself on a scale. She is upset to learn she had gained weight. Previously, Chiaki had been making fatty meals for herself, but Kana had eaten them.

Episode 6

Feb 10 2013

Mako(to)-chan laments he can't walk around topless after baths around his home due to the tanline he received wearing a girls' swimsuit.

Episode 8

Feb 24 2013

Hosaka is shown bathing in curry at the end.

Episode 10

Mar 10 2013

Haruka Minami tells her little sister to have their baths, and Kana Minami gets in the shower first. Chiaki Minami peeps at her and tells her to stop running the shower when she's washing her hair, and to use the Blowdryer less.


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