Mikoto Suou

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Mikoto Suou
周防 美琴
Gender Female
Series School Rumble
Taken 3 Baths
Bathed In Tiled Bathtub
Hot Spring
Bathed with Eri Sawachika
Tenma Tsukamoto
Akira Takano
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Accessories Used Bubble Bath

Mikoto Suou is a character from School Rumble.

School Rumble (anime)

Episode 3

"Now that's what I call a bath!"
~Mikoto Suou (English)

She has a huge Bubble Bath with Eri Sawachika, Tenma Tsukamoto and Akira Takano during their slumber party at Tenma's house. She was playfully splashing around with Eri and Tenma.


  • This episode is titled "See and Sketch! Letter on an Arrow! Pajama Party Confessions!" (見つめてスケッチ! ねらって矢文! 教えてパジャマパーティー! Mitsumete sukecchi! Neratte yabumi! Oshiete pajama pātī!) and first aired on October 19th, 2004.

Episode 10

School Rumble Extra Class

Episode 1

School Rumble 2nd Semester

Episode 4

Mikoto shown with the other girls at the entrance to the bath house.

Mikoto apparently goes to the Bath House with Tenma Tsukamoto, Eri Sawachika, Tsumugi Yuuki, Ichijou Karen, Akira Takano and Megumi Sagano as she is seen with the group arriving at the Bath House. During the actual bathing scene though, Mikoto is the only one of that group who is not seen at all.

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