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Midori Yamabuki

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Midori Yamabuki / Norimaki
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Series Dr. Slump
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Bathed with Arale Norimaki
Senbei Norimaki

Midori Yamabuki (later known as Midori Norimaki when she marries Senbei Norimaki) is a character from Dr. Slump.

Dr. Slump (manga)

Chapter 54

Midori is seen having a bath in her apartment with Arale Norimaki and Gatchan while wearing a Shower Cap. Senbei Norimaki tries to see her in the bath because of a camera that he put in Arale but since Arale had her glasses off it turned out blurry for him.

Chapter 105

Midori technically has a bath as she is stripped naked and thrown into a pot of boiling water. She is being cooked to be eaten by a giant ape but Senbei, Arale and Gatchan show up and stop the ape but Midori who is still in the pot is taken away by a caveboy who was working with the ape.

Chapter 106

Midori is still bathing in the pot of boiling water from the previous chapter and is being carryed by a caveboy to an island on a giant flying bird. On the island she is apparently inside of a squash now that is still in the pot. Midori gets out of the pot when Senbei grabs her out while he is holding onto Gatchan who is flying over the island.

Chapter 109

Senbei attempts to ask Midori his new wife to have a bath with her but when he decides to do it, she is already out of an Off Screen Bath.

Dr. Slump & Arale-chan

Episode 26

Midori appears bathing with Arale in Senbei's daydream. Later she Showers and then gets into her bath with Arale and Gatchan.

Episode 143

Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: N-cha!! Trembling Heart of the Summer

Midori, her daughter Nitro and Mame Soramame have an Off Screen Bath at a Hot Spring in the haunted hotel they were staying at.

Dr. Slump (1997 anime)

Episode 15

15 April 1998

Episode 27

She is striped by a giant gorilla and thrown into a Bath inside of a cooking pot.


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