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March Comes in Like a Lion/Chapter 050

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March Comes in Like a Lion/Chapter 037

March Comes in Like a Lion/Chapter 056

3-gatsu no Lion ch 050 2.jpg
Official English Title June
Kanji Title Rokugatsu
Rōmaji Title 六月
Release date Before November 26th, 2010
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Young Animal
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Female
Length 1 page
Timestamp or Pages pages 16-18
Segment Chapter Ending

March Comes in Like a Lion chapter 50 is the fourth bathing scene in the March Comes in Like a Lion manga series.


Akari Kawamoto is seen in her pajamas and drying her hair with a White Towel after an Off Screen Bath. She tells Hinata Kawamoto that the Bath is free and Hinata takes a bath in their Ofuro's Unit Bathtub in the dark while depressed.


Appearing Tropes


Outside Appearances

Promotional Image on Twitter

A green version of a page from this chapter's bath scene was used in an image on Twitter to promote the anime adaptation of it in episode 25 of the anime series.


  • Chika Umino - Writer & Artist


This chapter was compiled into the fifth manga volume. The original serialization of the chapter in Young Animal was released sometime before November 26th, 2010.

Anime Version

Anime version
Main article: March Comes in Like a Lion/Episode 25

This scene was adapted into the 25th episode of the anime series.


  • This scene is the most complete view of the Kawamoto's Ofuro to have been shown.
  • This is the first scene that removed the small Wash Cloth Rack that was located directly on their Unit Bathtub.

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