March Comes in Like a Lion/Chapter 017

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March Comes in Like a Lion/Chapter 021

3-gatsu no Lion ch 017 2.jpg
Official English Title Distant Thunder (Part 1)
Kanji Title 遠雷 1
Rōmaji Title Enrai (Ichi)
Release date Before November 28th, 2008
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Young Animal
Scene Type Foot Bath
Sex Focus Female
Length 2 pages
Timestamp or Pages pages 7-8
Segment Chapter

March Comes in Like a Lion no Lion chapter 17 is the first bathing scene in the March Comes in Like a Lion manga series.


Kyouko Kouda sits on the rim of a Unit Bathtub while clothed and soaking her feet in the bath.

Anime Version

Anime version
Main article: March Comes in Like a Lion/Episode 08

This scene was adapted in the 8th episode of the anime series where it has more shots.


  • Chika Umino - Writer & Artist


This chapter was compiled into the second manga volume. The original serialization of the chapter in Young Animal was released sometime before November 28th, 2008.






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