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Major is a long-running manga and anime series about baseball.

Major (manga)

Chapter 1

Released July 13th, 1994 in Weekly Shonen Sunday (1994) #33

Major (anime)

Episode 1

Aired November 13th, 2004

Episode 5

Aired December 11th, 2004

Episode 9

Aired January 15th, 2005

Episode 11

Aired January 29th, 2005

Episode 21

Aired April 16th, 2005

Episode 117

Aired April 4th, 2009

Kaoru Shimizu takes a Shower in a Hotel Bathroom at the Gones Hotel after Miho Sato took one Off Screen.

Episode 154

Aired September 25th, 2010

There is a Turning Off Shower scene. Later on, Sophia Reed does Off Screen Bathing and is seen wearing a Towel.

Major: Yuujou no Ikkyuu

Released December 13th, 2008

There is a flashback scene in the film (which takes place between episodes 26 and 27) where Goro Honda remembers having a bath with his father Shigeharu Honda after his mother died. Goro's name was later changed to Goro Shigeno after his adoptive mother (who had been dating his father) married.

Major 2nd

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 18

There is a Shower scene.

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