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English Title: Meg the Witch Girl
Kanji Title: 魔女っ子メグちゃん
Romanji Title: Majokko Megu-chan
Genre: Magical Girl
Original Creator: Hiroyasu Yamaura
Anime series
Directed by: Yugo Serikawa
Written by: Hiroyasu Yamaura (head writer)
Masaki Tsuji
Shun'ichi Yukimuro
Studio: Toei Animation
Original Run: April 1st, 1974 – September 29th, 1975
# of Episodes: 72
Manga series
Written by: Ikehara Shigeto
Original Run: 2001

Majokko Megu-chan is a magical girl series by Toei Animation from an idea by Hiromi Productions that also has a manga by Ikehara Shigeto.

Brief Plot Overview

Megu Kanzaki (also sometimes called Meg) is a young witch-in-training sent to live with a human family as part of her training as a candidate for queen of the magic world.

Bathing Scenes

Majokko Megu-chan (anime)

Episode 3

Aired on April 15th, 1974

Megu Kanzaki has a Reverse Furo scene where she is first seen taking a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub and then has a Shower. After she weighs herself on the bathroom scale in a Towel and then gets Peeped at by Rabi Kanzaki, which causes her to accidentally drops her towel.

Episode 12

Aired June 17th, 1974

Papa Kanzaki attempts to take a Bath in a Flat Bathtub but the dog was in it.

Episode 21

Aired August 19th, 1974

There is a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub.

Episode 23

Aired September 2nd, 1974

Chou has a Shower scene. Later on he rigs Megu Kanzaki's Clawfoot Bathtub with wheels just before she comes home to take a Bubble Bath in it. As she has a Bath in it, the tub starts shaking and then rams out of the bathroom wall and automatically drives through the street while Megu is still in it naked where a few people end up seeing her. As it bumps on a corner, Megu drops her bar of Soap. Non Hibiki who happened to be around, uses some magic to get a Swimsuit over to Megu. After she gets it on, all the bathwater is out of the tub which it then rams into Non, getting her into the tub as it continues along leading to Chou's lair.

Episode 24

Aired September 9th, 1974

Chou takes an Off Screen Shower.

Episode 27

Aired September 30th, 1974

In a Flashback Bathing Scene, Mammi Kanzaki is having a Bath in a Flat Bathtub, when Apo Kanzaki attempts to get in with her but is rejected by Mammi.

Episode 32

Aired November 4th, 1974

Late at night, Megu Kanzaki attempts to take a Bath as she comes into the bathroom wearing a Towel around her body and on her head and starts running the bathwater. As something causes her to pass out, the bathtubs faucet goes loose and starts spewing scolding hot water across the bathroom floor. Mammi Kanzaki comes across the unconscious Megu and ends up getting her bare feet burned as she picks Megu up saving her from getting burnt.

Episode 43

Aired January 27th, 1975

On a snowy day, Megu Kanzaki comes out of the bathroom wearing only a Towel after an Off Screen Bath to watch the snow out the window.

Episode 64

Aired July 14th, 1975

Rabi Kanzaki ends up Skinny Dipping in a swimming pool due to Clothing Loss when a bird ends up destroying his Swimsuit.

Majokko Megu-chan (manga)

Released 2001

Megu Kanzaki takes a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub while Apo Kanzaki and Rabi Kanzaki are participating in a Furo session.


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