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This site displays some images and mentions scenarios from media that may not be appropriate for all ages. Some content may also be offensive or misunderstood from a cultural perspective. All images from this site have been shown on legally sold merchandise and media such as TV shows, movies and books.

Welcome to the Anime Bath Scene Wiki

3,782 articles and growing

The Anime Bath Scene Wiki is a collective database archiving bathing scenes from anime, manga and other related media and showing the various elements involving them.
We WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS on the material covered. Please also note that this is NOT A PORNOGRAPHIC SITE and even though there may be suggestive content, it is not the main focus or intent.

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Currently the ability to edit the wiki is only restricted to the site moderator Watermaiden15 and users aren't able to create their own accounts yet. If you know any bathing scene you don't see on the wiki or want to suggest any kind of changes, please send an e-mail to and they will contact back and make the change if they approve.

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Bathing Scenes Debuted on September 22

Jitsu wa Watashi wa episode 12

On this day September 22nd, the following bathing scenes made their debut: