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Template:Maintop Anime Bath Scene Wiki is a collective database archiving bathing scenes from anime, manga and other related media and showing the various elements involving them. We WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS on the material covered.
Please also note that this is NOT A PORNOGRAPHIC SITE and even though there may be suggestive content, it is not the main focus or intent.

Featured Bather

Usagi Tsukino
Sailor Moon 60 2.png

Usagi Tsukino (or Serena Tsukino in English) is the main protagonist and title character of the Sailor Moon franchise. She lives in a house with an average Japanese Ofuro that has a pink Unit Bathtub. During most of her Baths in the later seasons, she is almost always joined by her daughter from the future Chibiusa Tsukino. find out even more bathing scenes and information from Usagi Tsukino click here.

Featured Content

Shower Room
Occult Academy 8 1.png

A Shower Room is a large room filled with Showers suited to be a place where multiple people can shower in the same room together. They are typically put in locker rooms or some sort of group base. Similar to Public Baths, they are usually separate rooms for each gender. Some have a design of having everyone in one giant open room with showers along the walls and others will have a series of Shower Stalls where each bather is standing in a separated space for them. The picture is from Occult Academy.

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Sugar Sugar Rune episode 3

On this day July 16th, the following bathing scenes made their debut:


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