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Macross is a science-fiction franchise that has continued with many anime series. The first series was one of several adapted into Robotech in America.

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Episode 4

Aired on October 31st, 1982

Macross Movie

Minmei has a shower scene here too. It may be the same footage or there may be alterations.

Macross 7

Episode 4

Aired November 6th, 1994

There is a Shower scene.

Episode 13

Aired January 15th, 1995

There is an Off Screen Bathing scene.

2nd Ending Theme

Aired June 8th, 1995

Mylene Flare Genius is shown taking a zero-gravity Shower.

Macross Frontier

Episode 8

aired May 22, 2008

In "High School Queen" pink-haired Sheryl Nome takes a shower in the cubicle beside green-haired Ranka Lee asking her how her works is coming along, Sheryl says she might be able to get Ranka on to one of the television shows she will be appearing on.

Nanase interupts telling Sheryl that Ranka does not need Sheryl's help. Sheryl jokingly suggests Nanase likes Alto and tells her that she has a nice body.

As Sheryl dries herself, Luca fixes the armour and Mikhail discusses Alto's relationship with Sheryl with him. Outside the changing rooms, male students tries to eavesdrop while the females walk by grumpily. Ranka thanks Sheryl for helping her out. In Sheryl's laundry basket, the creature from the bushes runs off with her underwear. Sheryl screams it out that it is her underwear and the male students then fight to get the (unwashed) underwear of their idol.

Sheryl puts some makeshift clothing and goes to look for her panties.

Episode 11

aired June 19, 2008

In "Missing Birthday", Klan Klang dangles on a shower stall while talking to Catherine Glass who is taking a shower.

Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime

There is a Bath scene and later a Shower scene. There is also another shower scene with Alto Saotome. There is possibly a shower scene with Grace O'Connor (and Sheryl again) where she is among Category:Females who don't care if men see them bathe or shower.

Macross Delta

Episode 3

There are Off Screen Bathing scenes due to stink and sweat.

Episode 19

Episode 20

Macross Delta Movie: Gekijou no Walküre

There is a Bath scene.


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