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Love Hina/Opening Credits

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Love Hina/Episode 01

Love Hina OP 2.jpg
Official English Title Sakura Saku
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date April 19th, 2000
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Xebec
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Male & Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Opening Credits

Love Hina opening credits is the first bathing scene in the Love Hina anime series.


Keitaro Urashima falls off of a Mecha-Tama while Clothed into the Hot Spring that Mitsune Konno, Kaolla Su, Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara and Motoko Aoyama are bathing in. Keitaro is seen trying to apologize to Shinobu who is running away but gets hit by the wind blast from Motoko's sword, then gets kicked by Kaolla Su and then finally punched into the sky by Naru.


Appearing Tropes



This opening first aired in Japan on April 19th, 2000 at the beginning of the first episode and remained the opening credits for all 25 episodes.

Manga Version

Shot from chapter 2 that may have inspired part of this opening

There is no manga version of this scene and is exclusive to the anime. The moment in the opening where Shinobu Maehara is seen running away from Keitaro Urashima after being accidentally peeped at seems to be inspired by chapter 2 of the manga series where this same moment happens but in the manga she is butt naked and ends up trampling over him when running away rather than wearing a Pink Towel and running in the opposite direction of him.

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