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Official English Title Welcome to Hinata House
Kanji Title ようこそ! ひなた荘へ
Rōmaji Title Yōkoso! Hinatasō e
Release date October 21st, 1998
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Length 5 pages
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Love Hina chapter 1 is the fifth bathing scene in the Love Hina manga series as well as the 1st overall bathing scene in the Love Hina franchise.


Keitaro Urashima decides to take a bath in the Hot Spring in the back of Hinata House as he was trying to look for his grandmother. While he bathes in the hot spring with a Wash Cloth on his head, Naru Narusegawa appears for the first time stepping into the hot spring naked while holding a Towel. As Keitaro first meets her, Narusegawa mistakes Keitaro for being Mitsune Konno since her vision wasn't good since she had her glasses off. Naru then tries to bond with Keitaro thinking its Mitsune, and discuss that her breasts are getting bigger and then playful grabs Keitaro but then feels his erection noticing that she is not with Kitsune. Narusegawa then puts glasses on to see that Keitaro is a man and then screams while Keitaro quickly runs out of the hot spring putting a towel on.

Post Scene Events

As Keitaro runs back into the changing room, he runs face first into Mitsune Konno's breasts while she was wearing a towel on getting ready to head into the hot spring. Afterwards, he runs into a laundry basket and runs out of the changing room where he gets chased by all the girls through Hinata House.

Adaption Differences

This bath scene was adapted into the 1st episode of the anime. Both Keitaro and Narusegawa were wearing Towels in the entire scene in the anime version.


  • Ken Akamatsu - Writer and artist.


This chapter was first released on October 21st, 1998 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. In March 17th, 1999 the chapters were printed and published by Kodansha in the first manga volume released in Japan. The scene was officially translated and released in North America in volume 1 published by Tokyopop on May 21st, 2002.






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